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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Galleries with Boxes and Cubes (according to google)

Cube Gallery By Christian Richters

The order in which these galleries are listed is not relevant. Also, these are obviously not ALL the galleries with boxes and cubes, I assume, because my google search is very basic (just first two pages of the search result) and I'm not that patient..


White Box NY

Online Gallery Box

Parker's Box Gallery

Box Portrait Gallery

Box Gallery

The Box - Gallery

Box Heart Expressions Art Gallery

Alabaster Box Art Gallery


Cube Gallery (Ottawa)

Cube Gallery (Bristol)


White Cube

Evisu Cube Gallery (blog/project)

In my opinion, Boxes' simplicity and abstract minimalism bring out the maximum contrast and attention that is beneficial to the exhibited art works. A box functions as a blank, white canvas. Its functionality is also related to the contrast and relationship between the "non"-colors: black and white. They are also clean and sleek. They look nice.
However, I am kind of getting sick of this trend in contemporary art. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE boxes and minimalism. But most "prestigious" or/and common contemporary art is incorporating this kind of aesthetics some way or another, and I don't like it when things are getting overused. I love the beginning of a trend, but never towards the end.
I'm glad boxes and art happened because it does make sense and has worked out quite well. But I guess I'm looking for something else, now.
...I always do this thing where I complain about something but never give a solution. Perhaps a possibility for a new exploration.

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