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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Building Blocks

by Christopher Wayne

Artist's Comments

Experimental display type created in Illustrator.

The intention was to make a typeface with only the most crucial elements of each letter represented, all while fitting each into a uniform size to allow no-brainer kerning, and uniform line lengths. Some embellishments, like curved corners, were added to make it feel a little more friendly.

Spaces should not be used. This is not really made to convey information clearly so the user should be willing to let go and let the message make it to the reader if they are willing to take the time to decipher.

The set on the right side is an attempt to get a more even colour in the large sets of type.

Other notes:
- The 'I' is set so that, if needed aesthetically, it can be flipped to make it more bottom heavy or to match with the counters of surrounding letters; e.g "C-I-S"
- The 'X' is problematic and I am trying to find a more elegant solution for it.
-No punctuation or numbers are planned, but I may add them once I get a few weights made
-Please ask before using in any work. I will be more than happy to allow you to use it if you email me for permission and give credit.


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