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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The BoxxShow

Nate and I are curating a BoxxShow at the Happy Collaborationists' Exhibition Space. Please come!

Caturday, November 22nd
7:00PM - 11:00PM
1254 N. Noble, First Floor
Happy Collaborationists' Exhibition Space

The Happy Collaborationists Exhibition Space is pleased to announce the third show to be part of our one show per month curriculum. The BoxxShow, curated by Dain Oh and Nate Hitchcock, is based on Boxxblog (, an online blog and curatorial experiment.

The exhibition will feature works by Dain Oh, Chris Collins, Wendy Spacek and Ilia Ovechkin. Aditional decorations will be provided by Dain Oh, Nate Hitchcock and the Happy Collaborationists.

"The cube is a Platonic solid, also called the regular hexahedron. The term is derived from Plato's notion of a regular solid out of four classical elements: earth, air, water and fire. The metaphorical conception of an infinite line connecting nature is extremely beautiful; it is the celebratory painting of the beginning of human logic.

A box functions as a tabla rasa by taking the form as a symbolic and physical container to absorb and/or mimic the containing object. Its utopic and minimal simplicity is also open to intricate physical and emotional complexity and can create infinite amount of elaborate patterns and structures. It is the ultimate
metaphor and it is ubiquitous. However, its existence is so modest and tranquil that we often do not recognize living within a box. It is a child of mother nature and something that we continue to struggle with; we are constantly trying to be "outside the box." Before this perilous revolution, we must understand and appreciate its symbiotic nature with humans."

Dain Oh, 2008

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